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Earth Pastel Wooden Cubes by Raduga Grez

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Cubes are the most basic children’s toy. First, a child simply learns to hold a cube in his or her hand, then to break towers built by mom, then to build towers of his own, and later even more – he or she builds big cities, inhabited by imaginary heroes. Cubes are a “must-have” toy for children from 6 months to 7 years old.

We painted cubes with the most beautiful deep pastel colors. They are as tender as the childhood itself, but not too sugary-sweet. We took inspiration from various shades of wildflowers.

We removed the sharp corners from each cube by hand, so when a parent accidentally steps on a toy, it will not hurt. And we do not cover toys with lacquer, so the cubes do not split and it is more convenient for children to build with them.

Toy Chips:

  • 20 cubes per set, size 4 × 4
  • Pastel colors for aesthetes
  • Preserved wood texture, not varnished
  • Cubes made of natural linden
  • One set - many educational games

Size: 16x20x4 cm

Handmade from solid linden wood.