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Gatcha Gatcha Wooden Gumball Machine by Kiko+ & gg*

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A cute wooden re-make of the traditional metal & plastic gumball machine. Turn the star and see what comes out next! If it gets stuck just give it a shake!

No cavity-causing lollies here with the Kiko Gatcha Gatcha Gumball machine! Instead, it dispenses beautifully natural wooden beads that kids will love. The children will enjoy turning the dial to get different shaped "lollies" and the real joy is finding a star or moon piece which is the jackpot!  This is a brilliant toy for imaginative play and it looks just lovely in a child's room, too! 

  • 40 beads and 5 shapes included
  • Made of beech wood
  • Age 3+
  • 12cm x 12cm x 20cm