Marfil Crocheted Cotton Storage Basket in Cream

$69.00 $45.00

Visual proof that home organization can be simultaneously beautiful and multifunctional. Every one of these elegant baskets is crocheted to our specifications by our talented artisan partner in Southern Mexico, exclusively for our stock. These sturdy pieces are portable, washable, and ideal for use in storing toys and knitting supplies. They also play double duty as the ultimate fashion accessory, when used as a pretty handbag.

Our artisan partner first learned her artistic mastery from her parents as a little girl. While they encouraged her to wait to participated in artisan practices until she was older, she regularly snuck materials to her room to work with, using techniques that she developed by watching her parents and grandparents work. In investing in this piece, clients are able to actively support the continuance of this creative family history.

Approximately 45cm wide x 45cm long (18” high x 18 long), 35cm (14”) top opening, 25cm (10”) bottom width, 11cm high (4 ½”) handles on each side

While this is a durable piece, for best care results this purse should be professionally cleaned to avoid shrinkage, or washed by hand in cold water and mild detergent then laid flat to dry.