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Stacking Mountains


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Breathtaking views of the mountain peaks are covered with never-melting snow, the slopes overgrown with woods, high-mountain meadows draw back everyone who at least once had a rest in the mountains. 

It has long been noted that people in the mountains live longer than on the plain. Many of them, living to a very old age, retain vivacity and clarity of mind. They are less sick and recover faster after illness. Women are much longer able to bear childbearing.

Breathtaking views of the mountains are complemented by the purest air, which is so pleasurable to breathe in full. The mountain air is clean and filled with aromas of medicinal herbs and flowers. It does not contain dust, industrial soot and exhaust fumes. 

This toy is perfect for role-playing games, to get acquainted with the mountains and their history, geography, to study colours, the concepts of more and less and beautiful buildings. 

AGE: It will be interesting for children from 1 year old, but you can start earlier. CE tested.

SIZE: 16 cm x 11cm x 4cm

MADE OF: Linden wood, water-based paints, unvarnished. Handmade with love and care.

Item will ship at the end of September with supply refresh.