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Trunk by Kalon Studios

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Bench and accent piece cut from a solid block of green wood. In these pieces, simple, contemporary form has been applied to a natural material that will break the form as it ages, making each piece unique.

Uncompromising in design and quality, Trunk is sustainably made from the highest quality, natural materials in the United States by the finest traditional craftspeople.

Pairs with Stump.

Made from solid, Ash or Maple green wood. Pieces are sanded but not finished.

See Kalon's Materials + Methods page for more details.

Technical specs:
Green wood is wood that has been recently cut and therefore has not had an opportunity to season by evaporation of the internal moisture.
Pieces made with ‘green’ wood will warp and split as they age. This is an intended part of the design.

Small 8.5″H, 26″L, 8.5″D
Large 14″H, 42″L, 14″D

Shipping Notes:

Not eligible for free shipping. Small Trunk ship rate within Canada, $99 (please select this from list).  International delivery of large furniture items is not possible. Please contact for international enquires.

Large Trunk weighs approximately 200 pounds and a specific shipping price will be adjusted to your order after the fact as it will depend on location.