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Oekaki House Magical Drawing Board in Pink Cat by Kiko+ & gg*

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A beautifully handcrafted wooden magnetic drawing board that is sure to become a playroom favorite. Small artists can doodle as they please - with less waste and no limits.

Use the magnetic stamps and ○ ・ △ ・ □ shaped pen to create multi-colored creations on the 4-color magic screen. Then drag the cute cat or dog along the board to erase it and voila! Back to a clean slate.

✓ No messy paints or crayons to clean up (aaaah!)
✓ Pretty enough to keep magnetic masterpieces on display
✓ Replaceable drawing screens, pads and pens = better for the environment and longer use!
✓ Sustainably sourced beech wood and all natural wood stains