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Rounds by Raduga Grez

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The rounds embody a child's love of the rounded. With this toy, you're less likely to find bruises on apples and tomatoes that you thought you bought intact. The child will have something to practice the art of juggling.

They are like a set of perfect snowballs already made, you can assemble a snowman, a caterpillar, build a tower or a bulky snow-covered Christmas tree. Delicate milky colours will give your child a sense of coziness and set a calm mood. But if you decide to play Petanque with them, they will ignite excitement and fun.

Rounds are like cubes, only better. They are suitable for small kids. In children's round palms, the spheres are big and weighty, velvety to the touch. They can be compared to cubes in shape, weight, and tactile perception. You can do it with your eyes closed, it is more interesting. If you combine them with The Circles, you get interesting mobile constructions.

The simpler the toy, the more games you can play with it, the more room for imagination it gives. Our new Rounds are the quintessence of quality and simplicity.

Toy Chips:

  • 15 pieces 4х5х5 cm
  • Preserved wood texture, not varnished
  • Painted with water-based paint, the rounds have a visible wood pattern and texture to the touch.
  • Rounds made of natural linden
  • One set - many educational games

Handmade from solid linden wood.