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Stacking Tower Earth Pastel by Raduga Grez

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The texture of the wood is as unique as human fingerprints. So that you can see and feel it, we coated the parts of this pyramid with water-based paints. With so much electronic information around, it's great to add more tactile sensations to your life.

The parts of the pyramid are pleasant to hold, they smell of fresh wood, they have their own weight, they are stable, dense and as if velvet to the touch. Your eyes rest and rejoice: the parts of this pyramid are painted in shades of blooming sakura, blush, spring sky, the first greenery.

The pyramid discs can be arranged flat from larger to smaller. You can make pictures and faces out of them, use them as plates for a doll's tea party or string them on a ribbon and spin them. There are no rules - let the game lead the way.

Dimensions: 17x12x12 cm

Handmade from solid linden wood.